Batemans are passionate about making a positive difference.

As an independent brewery, this guides everything we do, from the suppliers we work with and the ingredients we use to the services we provide in our pubs and how we operate within our local communities.

Jaclyn Bateman


Our local communities are important to Batemans because our pubs play such an important part in each of them. Batemans pub owners are well-known for the warm welcome they provide customers and the active part they play in the communities they serve. Many host a varied events calendar, including sporting events, celebrations, quizzes, and family and pet-friendly events, which welcome a range of visitors as well as the usual beer aficionados.

Each August, Batemans Brewery holds its annual ‘Bands on the Bank’ festival, where the local community can come together in an inclusive outdoor event and enjoy music from local Lincolnshire bands. The event has a variety of food and drink vendors and fun activities for the whole family, including face painting. The event has gone from strength to strength, attracting visitors from across the county and beyond to the paddock next to the brewery and the backdrop of our iconic windmill.

Each year, Batemans nominates local charities to support with fundraising efforts. In 2024, our nominated charities are:

The Derbyshire Children’s Home in Skegness



At Batemans, we believe environmental sustainability is crucial to the long-term success of our family brewery, and we have implemented a Business Sustainability Programme – a step towards a more eco-conscious future. The programme will continue to develop, but at present, our activities include the following:

We are collaborating with Zero Citizen, a local consultant, to achieve Carbon Zero status. We’ve already completed carbon footprint assessments (Scopes 1, 2 and working on 3) for 2022 and are actively evaluating areas for improvement going forward

We are partnering with Zero Carbon to develop an environmental policy outlining our commitment to reducing environmental impact and moving towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Batemans has also implemented practical steps as a brewery to reduce waste and be more energy efficient:

  • We are transitioning to energy-efficient lighting by replacing conventional bulbs with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. This simple change is one of the most effective ways to reduce our buildings’ energy usage
  • We have implemented further energy-saving practices, such as turning off electrical equipment when not in use. There is a reminder every afternoon at 4.30pm that pops up on all internal staff’s computers
  • We are introducing electric or hybrid vehicles to our fleet and installing two EV chargers at the brewery. We plan to explore alternative fuel options upon the expiration of lorry leases
  • We are adopting composting practices for food waste from the Visitors Centre kitchen and garden waste
  • We are shifting towards environmentally friendly cleaning materials
  • We are embracing digital marketing methods such as e-cards for Christmas greetings, allowing us to contribute the savings from cards and stamps to our designated charities
  • We are enhancing insulation by relagging external hot liquor tanks, steam lines, and liquor lines
  • We recycle spent grains by providing them to local farmers who can use the protein and nutrient-dense starches to feed their animals
  • We collect old cooking oil for biofuel usage

We also assist our business owners and pubs to reduce their carbon footprint by providing guidance and support.


As a brewery, we try to do the right thing by offering a diverse range of low and non-alcoholic drinks through our wholesale division. These drinks provide an alternative to alcohol to enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle because, believe it or not, you can enjoy too much of a good thing!

We have based our business on genuine relationships, fairness and transparency.  We work closely with our pub business owners and are proud to say that we have created a level of support that we believe is unparalleled within the brewery industry.


At Batemans, sustainability isn't just a choice – it’s a commitment to preserving our environment for future generations.