Jaclyn and Stuart Bateman are now the custodians of the Batemans legacy and the fourth generation of the Batemans family brewers:

“Our great-grandparents, George and Susannah Bateman, started the Brewery in 1874 to supply the local farmers, who paid their land workers part in produce, part in money and part in Batemans beer. It baffles us why they even bothered with cash – as it seems most of it was spent on more of George’s well-loved beer! Since those early days, we’ve remained dedicated to crafting beloved beers and running exceptional pubs at the centre of their communities.

Four generations later, our commitment to independence remains resolute. We fiercely defend our autonomy and consider it our responsibility to safeguard the Batemans’ legacy and all it stands for. Honesty, creativity and gritty determination have driven our dedication to our people and business.”


Our beers are brewed by brewers, not accountants. That’s why people love them.

Craft brewers, not accountants, lovingly brew our beers. That’s why people love them. Our unwavering dedication to using the finest ingredients and traditional brewing techniques ensures perfection in every pint. Our uncompromising approach not only allows us to be adventurous in our creations but also earns the genuine adoration of our drinkers – a fact evidenced by our loyal customers and overflowing awards cabinet.”

Rather than cut corners to save on costs, we stick to the best ingredients and brewing methods to ensure a perfect pint. It’s this approach that allows us to be adventurous in our creations. And that’s why people love our beers – to which our drinkers and awards’ cabinet are a true testament.

George Bateman

“An instinctive craftsman, he would check the temperature of a brew by sticking his elbow into the mash tun.”

George’s story

Harry Bateman

“The best way I knew how to celebrate my son’s birth was to buy somewhere that would be able to sell Batemans beer.”

Harry's Story

George Bateman

“At the start of the 70s, a knight in shining armour rode in… Once again, the foaming head on a Batemans ale was in demand.”

Mr George's Story

Stuart Bateman

“People were really getting a taste for Batemans beer at pubs and homes all over the UK (beyond, even), and we were continually stoking that interest with new beers and fresh ideas..”

Stuart's Story