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You’ll find Batemans pubs across Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Humberside and Yorkshire. Wherever you are – whether you’re looking for a busy beer house in the middle of town or a characterful country inn – you’ll be greeted with the famous Batemans’ welcome.

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Batemans pubs are the heart and soul of their communities

Batemans has a simple but important tradition: “Good Honest Pubs, Run By Good, Honest People.” Our pubs are all about fantastic beer, delicious food, and a friendly atmosphere that feels like home. They’re the heart of the community, buzzing with diverse events and gatherings that everyone can enjoy.

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Own Your Own Pub Business with Batemans Brewery

Ready for a new challenge? Find out how you can run your own pub business with Bateman's Brewery. We were the first brewer in the country to have an accredited code of practice for our Business Owners.

Venue Hire

Our windmill is a stunning venue for gatherings of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your needs, our team will be on hand to make sure your event is precision planned, and your delegates or guests are as comfortable as can be.

Our Brewing History

The revival of craft beer in recent years has emphasised the values and traditions that define our longstanding presence in the British brewing industry. We’ve embraced traditional artisanal methods and quality natural ingredients while reviving and experimenting with different beer styles, and we’ve created some outstanding craft beers throughout four generations of brewing.