This year St George’s day falls on a Tuesday (23rd April – obviously) and following Batemans long standing, popular tradition of producing seasonally relevant beers, that means that once again we’ll be brewing St George’s Glory.  The beer will be available at most Batemans pubs and selected free trade outlets throughout April.

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First brewed over twenty years ago in 1999, our St George’s Glory beer was designed to represent all things English. Described as, ‘The perfect pour to celebrate the English national saint’s day.’

St George’s Glory Tasting Notes

It’s a light amber beer brewed with English malt with Bobek & Fuggles hops. It has a medium malt aroma and quite a strong malt backbone in the taste, with slightly more malts than hops in the blend. It’s a full bodied and smooth bitter … as one reviewer put it, ‘…the 4.2% ABV belies its strength and depth of substance.’

St George’s Glory has a zesty, clean flavour appealing to those who enjoy light, easy drinking session beers.

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Real Ale for a Mythical Saint?

We know the beer’s real but what about St George himself? Well historians think he was born around the third century in what’s now Turkey. So, he was real, but a number of myths subsequently grew up around him.  He was probably a soldier, rather than a knight and was martyred for his faith. He never actually visited England and the dragon was added to his story about 1,000 years after he died. Last but not least, we’ve celebrated him in a serious way as a national saint since the battle of Agincourt in 1415 – along with a number of other countries including Portugal.

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To enjoy a pint of St George’s Glory this April.